Conti is a growing company filled with challenging and rewarding opportunities. We seek individuals willing to take on demanding responsibilities and develop both their technical skills and leadership potential. We want to bring out the best in our people while teaching and learning from them.


In an environment as diverse as Conti's, from the work we do and the people we engage to do it, there are always ways to advance. Conti people bring passion to their work and this enthusiasm catalyzes everything we do. We each live to the same core values, and our corporate culture is friendly, fast-paced and entrepreneurial.

Conti's growth depends on your professional growth; that's why we are committed to your success.

At Conti you will be:

  • Contributing ideas and suggestions, and getting them implemented.
  • Stimulated by talented colleagues and learning the many facets of our business.
  • Given opportunities to work on different projects to become well rounded in your position.
  • Encouraged to advance your career and continue your education in your particular field.
  • Among co-workers in a team environment who are always there to help.
  • Part of the action in making the company succeed. You will never be bored!

Our low turnover rate reflects our commitment to cultivating and maintaining a safe and pleasant workplace. As a service-oriented business, people make our company successful. Taking care of our people is a top priority at Conti.